We map and monitor your market with the purpose of identifying new business opportunities. 

Our ambition is to become a leading business broker firm for consultant companies. With the power of our application 
GATlynk we are at the front line, moving towards our goal. 

We provide high quality services that complete the functionality of our app. Our customers are successful consulting companies in industries such as IT, management and business law.

Developers of GATlynk

We base our app’s services on Scandinavia’s largest database of key decision makers, enabling us to engage relevant decision makers, to build our pipeline of business opportunities for you.

Make business prosper

Through our app and our services, we create business value by streamlining the identification process of your potential business opportunities.

How we differ

We distinguish ourselves in our ability to combine expertise from the consulting industry with our extensive knowledge in sales, a large network and a deep understanding of the market.